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Have you ever wondered what motivates a man? I mean really, why do us as men do the things we do? Why do we get fresh and want to drive nice cars? Why do we strive to be respected in our careers by those we deem influential? I’m sure if you ask this question to handful of guys, most if not all will say the reason men do what they do is for one supreme reason, the affection of a woman.

We, the good fellas at Stature, have acknowledged the power that women hold over the lifestyles we pursue, our consumer behavior, and the things we value. As a way to help our brothers hit the mark a little closer we decided to spotlight different women across a myriad of industries and platforms who we consider to be tastemakers in a series we call, “What Women Want.” In this series we will examine the views and perspectives of women professionals in various fields. Our goal is to offer expert advice and opinions from women on topics such as relationships, grooming, and style (just to name a few).

Our hope is that the information offered will help men understand what women really want. For our first feature of “What Women Want,” we reached across the pond to highlight fashionista, international travel and curator of the women’s lifestyles brand - Own by Femme, René Daniella.

René has created a platform that helps women around the world embrace their femininity and own their personal brand of beauty both inside and out. René is an expert on women’s style, grooming, and travel. We asked René to share her thoughts and expertise on topics that pertain to men. We had the chance to catch up with her on a recent trip to the District.

What’s going on Rene, thanks for taking the time to chat with us. Can you begin by explaining what your brand, Own By Femme, is all about?

Well the word Femme comes from the idea that I am really empowered and finding strength in being an independent woman. Being able to define what that meant to me was very important. It doesn’t matter if I dressed this way or act this way or if I’m passionate about things that relate to me. I started this brand because I wanted to focus on being me and defining myself and how to feel. The word Own came about while working as a waitress and meeting this gentleman who was a regular at the restaurant. He was very glamorous; he intrigued me. He would say this phrase, “Oh she totally owned that or do you see his shoes; he owned those.” It was his way of paying compliments. I remember thinking what I really appreciated about who he was and that he owned his identity. So essentially ‘Own By’ is derived from ‘Own it!’ I think it’s most beautiful when no matter what you do, whether people approve of it or not, when you own it, they can’t really break it down or take it away from you. So that’s where Own by Femme comes from.

I own my femininity, I own my individuality and I own my intellectual identity.

Very thoughtful definition of your brand. So let’s jump right in. What are your thoughts on dating in 2016?

It really depends on how you look at it. Technology on one hand has built so many fundamental social barriers between two individuals but at the same time has created effortless access for people to connect with one another.

I feel like in school they need to teach more on emotional responsibility and emotional intelligence. I feel like people struggle with that. I think as you age and get into relationships where people are so dependent on one another emotionally, financially… that’s an area where so many problems originate. I believe people are not familiar with so many of the emotions they end up going through and there’s not many opportunities for you to really discuss unless you get into some sort of support group or something. But I think people could focus on building better emotional responsibility and emotional intelligence to sustain healthier relationships and how people feel.

René, give the guys some valuable travel tips when planning for their special person?

Consider the kind of girl and what she’s into. Is she into dancing and partying? Does she value cultural excursions and experiences? Does she prefer to lie out in the sun with a glass of wine and a plate full of food?

Consider the type of holiday. Make sure she’s comfortable for that particular holiday. This means advance preparation is a major key. Let her know what she needs to wear. Provide her with weather reports. Listen to what kind of places she talks about often.

Nothing is more special than the investment of time! Don’t get away together and bury yourself in text messaging and emails. Be present.

Another great tip! Plan one night for an intimate dinner where she can get real pretty and dolled up. Make her feel like a woman. The thought that goes into the details really count.

Oh! And most importantly, always capture great candids of her.

Where is your favorite place to travel internationally?

Southeast Asia is my favorite holiday. Thailand is my absolute favorite. Great place to really unwind, eat good, and just relax. There’s a dope culture and energy about it. Lots of like-minded people – free spirited backpackers, individuals in hot pursuit of self.

Where is your favorite place to live?

PARIS!!! I spent an entire year and a half there. I fell in love with the architecture and the quality of life is just amazing. Summers are great! Kids are playing outside speaking French. During the summer, there are reduced hours so establishments close fairly early. They really cherish work life balance. Women are provided assistance throughout pregnancy and after delivery, which is awesome.

A special place I would love to visit is Bali. I don’t know what it is but I have a special affinity for this place. I am also interested in Australia although I am terrified of Spiders.

Montreal is another on the list only because I hear it’s very similar to a mini Paris.

You’re pretty well versed on women’s grooming products. Do you have any Grooming Tips for the fellas?

Embrace the beard. I think beards are amazing. They seem to be a trend, however I hope they’re here to stay. I’m also a huge fan of men who can grow their hair out. The texture and ability to play around with some of these modern urban styles where men kinda have a high top fade and part here and there that make it a bit more trendy.

In regards to grooming products, I just got my man Bevel. It’s a shaving product designed specifically for black men, I like the product a lot. Next is Toes! Do not neglect the toes. I think men should maintain their feet. Get a pedicure at least once a month fellas! I don’t want to cuddle with you and your feet feel like sandpaper. Lastly I’d say breath and body odor. There’s nothing better than a guy who smells amazing. My favorite fragrance at the moment is between Tom Ford’s Vanille and Neroli. Overall fellas, just put in effort with essential grooming upkeep and you should be good.

In your own words, what does Stature mean to you?

To take pride in the love you share, the creativity you foster, and the footprints you leave along your journey.

To learn more about Own By Femme, follow her on Instagram @ownbyfemme. If you know of a woman that should be included in our “What Women Want” series, leave us a line below or tag us using #staturewoman.

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