5 Must Haves for the Black Male Bachelor Pad

There are some common misconceptions about the male bachelor pad. Most men believe that they have to have the largest, most expensive, and most state-of-the-art bachelor pad to impress women. We at Stature conducted a survey among several beautiful and intelligent women, and asked them, “What would impress them most upon visiting a guy’s bachelor pad for the first time?”

First things first: No matter what age or tax bracket, every bachelor should abide by these three golden rules:

I. Thou pad shall be clean

II. Thou pad shall smell pleasant

III. Thou pad shall have character

The bachelor pad is much more than a place to rest your head at night, but it’s more of a statement about who you are. Our results surprised us to say the least. SPOILER ALERT: none of the women surveyed mentioned flat-screen TVs, PlayStations, or Beats by Dre. Now we’re not telling to go throw out any of those items mentioned, but if you’re investing in those to impress your female company, you may be going about it all wrong.

We followed up with asking if the size of a man’s bachelor pad played a role, and the overwhelming consensus was, no. This would probably be the only time the term “size doesn’t matter” was consensus. In fact fellas, if she does mention that your place is too cramped, kindly show her to the door, there will be plenty of room for her outside.

Do keep in mind she’s not checking for your fancy gadgets or hundred-inch flat-screen. If you keep these common essential on deck, you’ll be sure to impress your female company enough to at least keep her interested for her second visit.

V. Art décor

You won’t have to shelve out thousands for an original Basqiot or Picasso, it can be minimal, but it absolutely must be something that has character and can strike up conversation. It should garner the questions like, ”What’s this” or “Where’s this from?” You can fabricate any story to your liking. Hopefully, she’ll pick up on your subtle fiction and you’ll get her to laugh, which will increase your cool points by 100!

IV. Matching Tableware

Listen up, you do not have to break out the expensive chinaware but you will need complete sets. That means, no mix-matching saucers and coffee mugs, the keyword is synchronized. Listen carefully, because you may only have to do this once. Visit your local IKEA for your 4 wine glasses, plates, saucers, bowls, etc. And, do not… I repeat, DO NOT serve her paper plates or cups.

III. Family Photos (the older the better)

Oh, this is a MAJOR advantage for any bachelor. This can also play into conversation starters for you and the lady you want to impress, especially if it’s a minor awkward throwback, minor though… don’t want to frighten her into internally thinking, “Eww, that’s what our future kids will look like?” You want her to say, “aww or hmm… so that what our future kids will look like.” The family photos will also show that you are family oriented which shows loyalty. This is worth about 200 cool points!

II. Food

Among the women we surveyed, food was so essential to impressing them. No, we’re not saying you have to be Chef Curry with the pot, or “look at the flikka’ da wrist”. But, the full fridge with variety will go a long way. You’ll want to make sure you’re always stocked up with fruit first, especially since you can display them on a countertop. You won’t have to go over the top with the food, because she’s also trying to impress you and won’t show how greedy she is at first. But at least she’ll know it’s there.

In addition to the food, you’ll also need to include the water and tea. When it comes to the H20 and you want to impress her, do not pour her any water out of any gallon jug or faucet. Here is the key, offer her a bottle. No Deer Park, no Zephyrhills, but invest in individual brands like Voss, Fiji, or Smart Water. Although water pretty much consistently tastes the same, the products mentioned have a sleek design and are branded to appeal to consumers. She might not say it, but she’ll notice and she will be impressed.

Listen up because this is a game changer. If she’s into tea and you really want to impress her, then you’ll want to refrain from placing a cup of water in the microwave. Instead, invest in a small teapot and put it on the stove and wait for the distinct whistle. The key here is to play it so smooth. You want to come off like, “What…doesn’t everyone do it like this?” But no, everyone doesn’t do it like that, which will make her feel extra special.

Bonus: Spices. Stock up your spices cabinet with a variety spices, even if you don’t get down, this will at least make it look like you get down in the kitchen. (Insert fake it until you make it cliché here) She’ll be impressed.

I. Literature

The number one response surprisingly was , books. Look, I know we’re in the digital age where everything is technology driven so you probably have a Kindle or an iPad, but an apartment or house with visible books laid out speaks volumes about his character. If you actually read them is completely up to you, we’re just saying she’d be impressed to see them. But careful not to go too far, she might be reading one of the books you’re fronting with and asks you about it. But that’s when you smoothly say, one of your guys just lent it to you and you haven’t started it. Or to be on the safe side, just buy two or three atlases.

Well now you have the scoop my brother, take it and run with it.

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